Looking Forward to Another Year on the Sunshine Coast

At the beginning of every year, I seem to find myself in a spot where I reflect on the year that has gone by and on what’s lying ahead for the year to come. I guess everyone does that in some ways…

This year will be the fourth year that we’ve been up on the Sunshine Coast, and I honestly thought that we would be back in Melbourne by now. But we’re not, and whilst I still shake my head at times on how things are done in Queensland, I finally feel like I’m settling in.

It’s taken some time.

I still miss Melbourne (much more than the born and bred Melburnian husband) but I’ve also found a whole lot of happiness in Queensland, including my commute to work (five minutes by bike through a park – what could possibly beat that?!), the best gluten-free jam donuts, and holiday feelings year round. Well… sort of. Work and study can get in the way of that. ­čÖé

Views towards Coolum from Alexandra Headland
View from Alexandra Headland, Mount Coolum in the background. A typical day in May on the Sunshine Coast.

So whilst we haven’t explored Queensland to our hearts’ content yet, we have managed to see some beautiful spots in the last three years, such as Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffat in the almost Outback, Rainbow Beach, Byfield National Park, and recently over Christmas, Fraser Island.

If we hadn’t squeezed in an incredible six-weeks road trip through Western Canada last year, we probably would have actually made it into the real Outback!

Beach at Byfield National Park
Byfield National Park, some 100 km north of Rockhampton

2017 is already shaping up to be a jam-packed year with me finishing a couple of courses by mid-year and family coming over for a visit later in the year. Unlike the husband, I love making plans, setting goals or just having dreams because I find that things (often) just don’t happen if you don’t. So here’s what I’m thinking about for 2017 in terms of adventuring:


We finally ticked off Bribie and Fraser Islands late last year but we’ve still got Moreton Island and North & South Stradbroke Islands to roam around. They’re all close to Brisbane so there’s really no excuse not to go. Moreton is some 40 km offshore and though I’m somewhat apprehensive about the ferry trip through open waters, I’m determined to not let my anxiety and seasickness get in the way of another 4WD adventure!

April or May might be a good time to go, with hopefully less voracious sandflies and mozzies around…

Beach at Fraser Island
The amazingly clear and turquoise water at Sandy Cape, Fraser Island


Unlike the Sunshine Coast hinterland, which I’m not wild about, the hinterland on the Gold Coast is beautiful. Waterfalls, rainforests, cliffs and gorges abound, and as it’s been a while since we’ve been there, it’s time to go back for a good dose of hiking.

It’s also relatively quiet since most people visiting the Gold Coast stick to the beach, Surfers Paradise or theme parks.

Waterfall at Springbrook National Park
Somewhere in Springbrook National Park, six years ago…


Whilst the husband has been all the way up to Cairns in tropical Queensland, and gone sailing and diving in the Whitsunday Islands and off the Great Barrier Reef, I haven’t been further north than Rockhampton and Byfield National Park. On a map, it might look like it’s close to the Sunshine Coast but Rockhampton is easily a 10-12 hour drive. So venturing further afield, whether going north or west, will need some planning and a bit of time off.

With family coming and the dry season still in full swing, August or September might work for a “quick” road trip.

Rewan Road in outback Queensland
Along the Rewan Road, some 700km west from the Sunshine Coast

At this stage, these are just thoughts and ideas, and who knows what we end up doing. I am determined though to see more of Queensland this year so let’s make it happen!

I’ve also got a few personal goals for 2017, which include things like having quiet time in the morning and actually doing my neck and shoulder exercises regularly. But my overriding theme really is to care (even) less about stuff and live more so specifically I want to…


I’m by no means a hoarder but I do have a tendency to buy way too much food (you should see my pantry… if there’s a war, I’m prepared!), hang onto things that have outlived their usefulness or purpose, and am perpetually in love with stationary and paper. My wardrobe could use a good clean-up, as could my overflowing bookshelves and our study / spare bedroom where I keep an assortment of paper, empty boxes (I might need to send a parcel… or even twenty?!?), old letters, even older photos, a heap of random stuff, and little room for actual people who might want to come for a visit…

I’m considering doing things the KonMari way but I’m a little bit afraid. I’m going to read her book first and then… well, I might just dive in the deep end and start throwing stuff out… I already know though that I fold most of my clothes the way she does… Doesn’t everybody?!?


Going unplugged is one of my favourite ways of dealing with the stress of life but I don’t do it very often, which begs the question whether it’s really one of my favourite ways?! I don’t watch a lot of TV and I’m not a social media butterfly (despite my love for Instagram), but not being able to look things up on the Internet and find out what’s going on in this world?!

Urgh, that’s hard.

Except when we’re away camping because I usually have zero reception and I’m too busy exploring or reading one of my many unread books. ­čÖé

So in 2017, I want to create more space for being without my laptop, without the Internet, without social media, without my phone. This ties in with my other journey about living more in the moment (hello mindfulness!) and filling life with more faith and joy.

Welcome 2017!

Reading on Fraser Island
Chilling in the hot weather on Fraser Island only a week ago…

What about you – do you set goals or have hopes and dreams for 2017?

Have you ever tried using the KonMari method? Do you remember the times before social media and being constantly connected? ­čÖé


  • Sam
    14 January 2017 at 8:41 AM

    Great to hear about your goals for 2017 Kati! I read Marie Kondo’s book about 12 months ago and embarked on a clean-out afterwards ­čÖé Started with the wardrobe, amazing how many things don’t bring you ‘joy’ when you actually take the time to consider it (you’ll see what I’m on about when you read the book). It takes time to get through the whole house (I finally did the linen cupboard last week) but really liberating. The folding technique is awesome. Enjoy!

    • Kati
      14 January 2017 at 12:58 PM

      Aw, thanks Sam! ­čÖé

      It’s funny how long I’ve been thinking about Marie Kondo’s book and how much I’ve read about it, just never picked it up and read it for myself. ­čÖé I’m getting so sick of my clutter that I want 2017 the year of decluttering. Her ideas of “sparking joy” seem a little cooky to me though ­čśë but I’m sure there’s some value in that and I’ll just have to get over myself. (I am dreading asking myself that about a few items though… things I don’t want to let go off but which also have no real use or “spark joy” anymore…)

      Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll keep you posted. ­čÖé

  • Spophy
    19 January 2017 at 8:25 PM

    So lange wohnt ihr da schon?? Ist ja irre.
    Und wie faltet denn KonMari ihre Klamotten. So wie Mama? ;D

    ├ťbrigens l├Ądt er bei mir manche Fotos nicht (das letzte und das erste).

    • Kati
      19 January 2017 at 11:01 PM

      Ach, Flickr… Das dritte hatte sich auch verabschiedet, aber sollte jetzt wieder alles zu sehen sein.

      Haha, ja, genau wie Mama! Musst mal bei youtube gucken. ­čśÇ

      • Spophy
        23 January 2017 at 12:46 AM

        Ah ja, jetzt sind sie da. Die sind ja richtig sch├Ân, das hat sich ja gelohnt Flickr zu reparieren ­čśÇ
        Also wenn sie faltet wie Mama brauch ich nicht bei yt gucken, das ist ja auch mein Prinzip ;D Wobei ich nicht sagen w├╝rde, dass es die zeitsparenste Variante ist.

        • Kati
          23 January 2017 at 12:15 PM

          Ah, danke! ­čÖé

          Ja, im Prinzip so wie Mama, aber anstatt alle T-Shirts (zb) auf einen Stapel zu legen, faltet sie die nochmal und stellt sie dann auf in einer Schublade.


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